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Living in Ithaca New York, and having hiked across the United States in his early life, J. Scott Witty became rooted in ideas rather than places. With a fascination for words, the writing process became second nature at a young age. Using his rampant imagination, Witty creates new worlds in his writing with a strong focus and preoccupation on character building.

During his 35 year tenure as a small business owner and manager, Witty developed a strong passion for storytelling and became a game master. Poetry, music, and fantasy art became the author’s food-for-thought. His actual experiences, journeys, and adventures fuel his unwavering creative story and it is from here that the writing launches. Out of his love of world history and study for many years, Witty became a certified teacher. Witty views history through the lens of myth, legend and wonder. It is with this magic that he enjoys expressing the ideal that anything in life is possible. The struggle to answer the mystery of man’s own potential how it can easily go awry drives his writing.

When not writing, Jeffrey enjoys time with his partner and children, and a host of pets. His hobbies include role-playing and tabletop gaming and he is consistently involved with how to make a difference with today’s environmental challenges.