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The Knight of Hibernia

A boy from Cornwall wants to give his life meaning by joining the Knights of Hibernia and leaves his home to travel there. Once there he meets a woman who needs his help to travel home, across the island, to warn the castle of an impending invasion. Risking life and limb, they must reach the city before it is too late.


Of Whom Fortune Favors – Hibernia Chronicles: Book Two

Still unaware of the impending threat of the invasion of Hibernia, Dar and Fayette travel to Baile on a secret mission for the duchess of Eamhain to get a message to Lord Aviticus. One of his generals intercepts the message and Aviticus never receives it.


The Rose and the Sword – Hibernia Chronicles: Book Three

The odds are stacked against Fayette and Dar. Can their love conquer all?